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Oxted and District History Society
Tuesday 16th October 2007.

Starborough Castle

Roy Eaton gave an illustrated lecture on ‘ Starborough Castle.

Starborough Castle, east of Lingfield, is in Surrey near the Kent border. Completed in 1342, it was originally the home of Sir Reginald Cobham, the 1st Baron, who was a diplomat and soldier. He fought in France and was Marshal of the Army at the Battle of Poitiers. He died in 1361 from the Black Death.

The 2nd Baron was a friend of Henry Bolingbroke, going into exile with him prior to Henry’s subsequent return when he became Henry IV. The 2nd Baron had previously met Chaucer at Edward III’s Court and is thought to be the knight in ‘The Knight’s Tale‘ in the ‘ Canterbury Tales ‘.

The 3rd Baron rebuilt Lingfield Church and added the College, endowed with Cobham land. The College guest house remains and is now Lingfield Library. The Cobhams supported the Lancastrians in the Wars of the Roses and it is suspicious that both the 3rd Baron and his wife died in 1472, the same year that Henry VI was murdered in the Tower. Most members of the Cobham family are buried in Lingfield Church. Starborough Castle survived until 1648, when it was blown up by the Cromwellian Army after a local Royalist uprising

Lecture given by Roy Eaton at
Oxted United Reformed Church,
Bluehouse Lane, Oxted